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Social Networking for Deejays

So you’ve invested all your savings on the latest dj equipment, spent months learning the craft and have worked tirelessly to break into the deejaying scene. As the door to the deejaying world opens up to you and you take your first step over the threshold, you are filled with excitement. You are glad to have made it thus far, and are passionate about doing everything you can to improve your skills and gain valuable experience. But as you look around this strange new place you’ve entered and begin to take everything in, your initial excitement subsides. The realization of the vastness of this world, and it’s growing population sobers you up quicker than a Hollywood rehab institution. The bottom-line is that you are at the bottom of the line, just another deejay fighting for a piece of that pie. You’ve come to realize that promoting your services will probably be beneficial, but you are still filled with many doubts, so you just throw this idea in the back-burner. SHOULD I MARKET MYSELF? I started deejaying about 8 years ago, and at least for me, the biggest obstacle I grappled with was deciding whether I should actively market myself. I was very aware that the deejay industry where I came from (Singapore) was a rather close-knit one, and I was afraid I’d be seen as being pretentious. I just wasn’t sure if I’d been around long enough to call myself a professional deejay. So I kept my head low for several years, and only made the decision to start my own Facebook page about 2 years back. Even then, I sort of just left it on its own, collecting more cobwebs than ‘likes’. The point I’m trying to make is that before you can get anywhere, you must manage your own insecurities. The climb up is long and arduous, and it doesn’t help if you’ve got a heavy bag of insecurities weighing you down. On the flip-side, if you think you are prone to jumping the gun, and perhaps being a little too overzealous, be mindful that overconfidence can be just as fatal. I believe that fundamentally, honesty is the best policy. It has been said many times before, that you must treat deejaying as a business. As YOUR business, and you have every right to be proud of what you do, and to promote and sell your business. As with all businesses, ethics is very important, and it could be pivotal in your success or failure. So go out there and market yourselves, but do so with the highest regard for ethics and honesty. Read the full article here

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